As a parent, you take a lot of decisions for your child. Because why not, you want to give the best to your child. And when it comes to education, empowering your child in every field is all you prefer.

Choosing the right school board is a never-ending debate that takes place among families, friends, and colleagues. Parents who are putting a lot of effort into raising up their child often get disheartened when they see no results in their child’s flourishing career.

The Indian education system is dominated by two national-level boards that are recognized throughout the country: the ICSE and CBSE boards.

But choosing the right board is a conundrum that every parent faces.

Since the ICSE syllabus is more extensive in terms of both content and volume, let us understand why the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Board is the best board in Ludhiana for your kids to learn, develop and grow.

Moving on, let’s find out the benefits of choosing the best ICSE board school in Ludhiana for your child. 

Advantages of choosing the best ICSE School in Ludhiana

The right board for your child will have a significant impact on his future and upbringing. ICSE gives equal weightage to all streams such as Humanities, Commerce, and languages. This enables a more balanced, healthy, and inclusive education. ICSE schools offer value-based education through a dynamic curriculum that helps your child develop a sense of responsibility, confidence, and self-discipline.

  1. National and global recognition- One of the most essential benefits of choosing the ICSE board in Ludhiana is that it is recognized not only nationally but also internationally. The recognition is equivalent to passing any foreign high school examination, opening the door to studying in abroad.
  2. Builds a strong foundation- When compared to other boards, the ICSE board offers a more comprehensive curriculum. It emphasizes internal assignments and practical lessons taught in the classroom. The teaching methodology provides more in-depth, reality-based knowledge. Its high standard of educational excellence and comprehension assists a child in laying a solid foundation. The ICSE board focuses on value-based education for students, which will help them develop holistically.
  3. Practical knowledge- The structure of ICSE is such that it requires students to look beyond textbooks, venture into their labs, and gain hands-on experience to gain a practical understanding of concepts learned in the classroom. This results in an enriching experience in terms of class assessments in addition to performing well in exams.

The right board of education can have a significant impact on your child’s future. Guru Nanak Public School, Model Town, Ludhiana, is the best ICSE school in Ludhiana that emphasizes concepts and has a well-organized syllabus. 

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