Extra-curricular activities, in addition to the educational curriculum, aid in the development and growth of a child. These activities boast various skills in the mind of the child which he uses later on in his life when he steps into the workforce. The fact that today many employers ask for achievements and extracurricular activities in a person’s CV says a lot about the importance of the same.

According to GNPS, the best ICSE school in Ludhiana, the simpler definition of extracurricular activities is- anything pursued in addition to the regular course of study. These activities are any activities that are outside of academic or regular theory courses. For instance, participating in elocution.

GNPS, Model Town, the best ICSE school in Ludhiana, is a firm believer that extracurricular activities can help a child learn, grow and develop at a great pace. No matter if he is good in his studies or not, if he has great potential in co-curricular activities then we surely support him and his career. 

To begin, Guru Nanak Public School in Model Town, Ludhiana, hosts a variety of activities that help a child’s real-world and social skills while also promoting his creativity and talent. Sports, theatre, music, robotics, coding, and other extracurricular activities help kids develop their artistic and creative abilities.

Let’s find out some more benefits of extracurricular activities in detail:

  1. Develops social skills– When we equip young children with various activities, they get the opportunity to meet like-minded friends, break down social barriers, and form healthy bonds with them. At the same time, they learn and value the importance of teamwork. Hence, extracurricular activities boost social skills in a great way among children.
  2. Boosts productivity & hidden talent– Besides giving theoretical knowledge to children, GNPS, the best ICSE school in Ludhiana, books the productivity among students by offering them various co-curricular activities to participate. These activities allow them to do something enjoyable while also allowing them to explore their interests and discover what may be of interest to them beyond academics while taking a break from regular learning.
  3. Better time management– Children’s participation in extracurricular activities provides them with a fantastic opportunity to develop crucial time management skills. By participating in these activities they learn time management skills and leadership skills. Children also learn how to prioritize important work and create a balance between work and play.
  4. Improvement in academics– Several studies have found that students who participate in extracurricular or co-curricular activities perform significantly better academically. This is because children who participate in activities that they enjoy can improve their brain function, allowing them to concentrate and achieve higher grades.
  5. Higher self-esteem– GNPS, the best ICSE school in Ludhiana, believes that when students discover their talents and excel at a new skill, they gain self-confidence. Along with self-confidence, a sense of accomplishment and pride is also gained. Being complimented on their abilities or winning competitions boosts students’ self-esteem.


Extracurricular activities help children to prepare themselves for futuristic events and to think outside the box. We, at GNPS, the best ICSE school in Ludhiana, keep children engaged in such creative activities and assist them in exploring their skills and talents.